Established as JJ'S Pizza and Grill on Marsh and Northwest Highway back in 1995. The Dallas area was full of different types and styles of pizza's. I saw them come and go for many years and after 15 years of making pizzas, I went in search of greener pastures. I finally realized that I had been in the right place to begin with. So I'm back to my first true Love, the smells of melting cheese and pepperoni. The smiles and squeals of happy children when they see their pizza come steaming out of the oven. And the large subs are enough for two a favorite among many. There are consequenses to straying from your true passion.
  JT's Pizza and Subs is mine, no complaints at all. Many of my friends and long time customers were overjoyed to see my return and I truly believe it's the food not me. But it's ok.
The food is still the same I strive for quality and a fair price and believe in making an honest living not a killing . I will not sacrifice quality for quantity.
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Homemade Pizza 
Pizzas made from the freshest ingredients available. Each pizza is hand tossed and made with 100% real mozzarella cheese. Then cooked to a golden brown perfection.
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Kids Menu
Corn Dog with fries  ..........$2.50
Corn Dog   ... . .... ............$1.75
Onion Rings ..................$1.99
Small French Fries  ... .. ......$.99
Large French Fries  . ... ........$1.99
Chicken Tenders with fries ....$4.99
Cheese Burger with fries.......$4.95
Still the Same friendly People just a New Location.
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Sirenas Pizzeria
Formerly JT'S Pizza and Subs
Hablamos Espanol

We have Moved to 13531 Montfort Dr. #117 
Dallas, Texas 75240
About Us
We are a family owned and operated business offering only the best quality food at an affordable price. We are conviniently located inside the Vally View Mall in the food court area. We have almost 25 years experience in the pizza industry. Though we offer low prices we do not compromise on quality. 
Our motto has been a simple one.
To make a living offering people great foods at the lowest price possible. That by doing this our repeat business would eventually grow by word of mouth from satisfied customers.
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Address: 13531 Montfort Dr. #117
Dallas, Texas  75240 
At the Montfort Plaza
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.